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Welcome to 9/11 Security Solutions, LLC
9/11 Security Solutions, LLC
About 9/11 Security Solutions, LLC
Image9/11 Security Solutions, LLC is built on the premise that public safety and national security policies prove their value when implemented as real solutions that make America more secure. We know that the private sector is full of innovative services and products that can better assure public safety and national security in both the private and public sector. However, too often solutions, for a variety of reasons, are not being matched with end-users who could most benefit from them. Other times, solutions are not being maximized to their best potential use. We are here to help.

  • 9/11 Security Solutions, LLC provides aggressive advisory services to those in the security-oriented private sector.
  • We help define and develop policy, with special expertise in border security.
  • We create business opportunities for our clients, matching policy with government and private sector leads.
  • We work with the academic community to engage, educate and analyze complex security issues in a new ways.

9/11 Security Solutions, LLC Library

The 9/11 Security Solutions, LLC Library is meant to aid those seeking streamlined research into border security. You will find here work pertaining to border security and terrorist travel completed by the 9/11 Commission, the 9/11 Public Discourse option review It is divided by subject area.

The 9/11 Commission Border Security Library contains all materials from the 9/11 Commission and 9/11 Public Discourse Project regarding border security and terrorist travel from the 9/11 Final Report, a few of the most used excerpts from 9/11 and Terrorist Travel, hearing materials, report cards on progress, and transcripts. The excerpts from the 9/11 Final Report are divided into the following subject areas with page and section numbers to streamline research:

  • Ahmed Ressam and the Canadian Border
  • Al Qaeda travel patterns and the 9/11 operation
  • U.S. Government Institutional Failures in Policies and Practice Regarding Borders
  • Recommendations
Image Image Image Image
9/11 Commission 9/11 Public Discourse Project 9/11 Final Report 9/11 and Terrorist Travel

The Janice Kephart library consists of her biography, op-eds, reports, Congressional testimonies, think tank collaborations and speeches, and print news media quotes. Print news is divided by topic area for ease in research. The goal is to help those interested in border security gain insight and understanding from the viewpoint of Ms. Kephart's background in working both counterterrorism and border security issues. Janice Kephart videos are found HERE .

The Identity Document Security Library consists of legal, technical, and policy pieces regarding identity document security. The issue of identity, and information about identity, was at the underlay of the 9/11 Commission border work.

This library contains federal, state and international legal materials, standards and best practices; federal, state and association activity, reports and letters; State leadership in identity document security; information portals for identity theft and counterfeiting; news and opinion pieces.

Where possible, links to primary sources and websites are provided. .


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