About Our Clients
9/11 Security Solutions, LLC was founded in January 2006 and has already made huge strides in expanding the public’s awareness of national security issues pertaining to terrorist travel and the policies necessary to support border security. At the same time, we are working to support innovative companies that are provide the solutions we need for a safer and more secure America. We have helped our clients attain contracts that are already working to make America more safe and secure by getting intelligence information to the right people at the right time; assuring that our ports-of-entry achieve facilitation so that more secure measures can be accommodated; and assuring that lives, critical infrastructures,
and emergency personnel are better able to prepare for a natural disaster or terrorist event. We have done so by producing overall policy strategies and developing written products that truly reflect the value of our clients’ products with credibility.

If you have a product or service that can help secure America, let us know. We can help.
We are working to raise public awareness, provide accurate facts and solutions to secure driver license issuance in the United States, a key 9/11 Commission recommendation. We are also working to ensure a greater federal-state partnership by attaining adequate Congressional funding necessary for secure ID upgrades, while leveraging the value that Digimarc brings to the issue-- secure ID technology that fits the compliance requirements of the REAL ID Act and its 32 state DMV customers.
We support Northrup Grumman’s efforts to secure our borders with our understanding of terrorist travel, DHS immigration bureaucracies, and a “boots on the ground” approach to solutions. We provide overall policy perspective alongside strategy guidance, research and writing to support real solutions for our borders. Northrup Grumman is currently the leading systems integrator for the US government.
We have already helped Regal Decision Systems, Inc., a decision-oriented modeling and simulation small business, expand its market. Regal’s products have broad application in both the public and private sectors, supporting emergency evacuation plans in buildings and cities, facilitating trade and traffic at ports-of-entry, and supporting airline security checkpoints. Wherever there are issues pertaining to pedestrian or vehicular flow-through, Regal not only provides true-to-scale modeling and simulation, but the tools to solve problems and evaluate plans.
We have helped SPADAC, Inc., also a small business, partner with the US government on contracts that will help provide our law enforcement and emergency personnel across the United States and on our borders with real time information that will assure faster, safer, and more accurate responses to crimes or disasters. SPADAC uses 1000s of varieties of data, with a basis in geospatial data, to produce threat, pattern and vulnerability assessments applicable in many settings.