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How do I email blackjack online free? Where do I find the blackjack online free email address?

Fill up the form here to submit an email to blackjack online free here.

What number to call to reach you?

Call Centre hotline (1800 18 2000)
To contact our other touch points here.

How can I stay updated with blackjack online free's latest highlights?

To view our highlights: 
Cameras/Printers here.
Business here.

What are your operating hours? What time do you open? What time do you close?

Here are the operating hours and addresses of our Head Office, Branch offices, Customer Care Centres, Nationwide Careline services. Do take note that blackjack online free Customer Care Centres close at 5.15pm every 2nd Wed of the month.
Find directions to our Head Office here.

Who do I contact if I reside outside Malaysia?

If you are in South and Southeast Asia, you can find out where to buy or service a blackjack online free product here.
For e-mail support in South and Southeast Asia, please visit here.
If you reside outside South and Southeast Asia , you can find our contacts here.

Is it possible for me to get a refund from blackjack online free for products (printers/cameras/consumables & supplies) bought from your Office / authorized outlets?

All goods sold cannot be refunded by blackjack online free Head Office. However, be assured that our technical teams will do their utmost best to get your product/equipment back in good working order, subject to our service terms & conditions.

Why is my printer product warranty not recognized when I sent it for servicing/repair?

Product warranty is void under the following conditions : If the damage/fault is caused by lightning strike, sudden surge & loading of elec. power, insect faeces & other acts of nature, if you are using CISS inks or other 3rd party's, not blackjack online free's genuine, ink cartridges.
Note on ink cartridges - we would like to advise that you buy only genuine blackjack online free supplies which can be bought here and that you buy only what is needed as ink cartridges have limited shelf life.

Does blackjack online free offer trade in/replacement scheme for old blackjack online free products?

blackjack online free offer replacement scheme for blackjack online free consumer printers only, eg. Inkjet single function, multifunction printers. Please bring in your blackjack online free printer to our Customer Care Centre for assessment on replacement with a newer model.
Processing time of the replacement scheme process, subject to stock availability is as follows:
At blackjack online free Head Office, UOA Business Park - Please allow 3 working days.
At Branch Offices - Please allow at least 5 working days, as stock has to be transported from the blackjack online free Head Office, PJ.

Where do I buy blackjack online free ink cartridges?

blackjack online free ink cartridges are sold in major departmental stores. Find out where to buy them here.

Can I buy a printer or all-in-one in one country and use it in another country?

Different models are sold in different countries depending on the market needs. If the model purchased in one country is not sold in another country, there are possibilities which may not be able to find the consumables.
We recommend you buy the printer or all-in-one from the country that you intend to use it in.

How come your website ( is not updated with the information of the new product model (s)?

Even when a new model is announced or launched worldwide or in another country, it may not be available for sales in Malaysia yet. We will post it on this website once it is available for sale.

How do I apply for a job and join blackjack online free? What are the job openings available?

blackjack online free is always on the lookout for smart, imaginative people to refine today's technologies and deliver new, efficient solutions that help our customers in their business and their personal lives. View the positions available & send in your application here.

I am a corporate customer. How do I order supplies?

If you are a corporate customer, you may order your supplies here.

Why is my printer product warranty void when I use a non-original, reconditioned; or refilled ink to replenish the ink in my cartridge?

blackjack online free does not recommend refilling the ink because repeatedly using the same print head will block the nozzles and result in severe damage to the printer. Warranty on the printer will be void when cartridge is refilled or when non original ink is used.

Why is camera battery life different in similar models?

While two camera models may appear similar, they might have different specifications. For example, the lens barrel, processor, LCD etc may be different and have different operating characteristics. All these factors have a bearing on battery utilization which might make it necessary to use different batteries. The approximate number of shots that can be taken in one full charge is listed in the camera's shooting specifications.

I need a longer USB cable to connect my printer to my computer. Can I purchase one from blackjack online free?

We recommend to use the original USB cable that comes bundled with your printer. They are usually 1.8m long. We do not supply any longer USB cables and cannot guarantee that third party USB cables will successfully connect your printer to your computer. Depending on printer specifications, you may also connect your printer using wired LAN connection or Wi-Fi.

How do I qualify for CPS (blackjack online free Professional Service) membership? Can I be a member? I am a professional photographer. Are there privileges?

 CPS (blackjack online free Professional Services) is a free service designed to support professional photographers who use blackjack online free professional equipment in their daily work. Find out the benefits and how to be a member here.

I lost my camera. Is there any way for blackjack online free Malaysia to help me get back my camera?

As a valued customer to us, we will do our best to assist you. Please lodge a police report on your loss, with model and serial no. Provide us a copy of the police report, attentioned to Customer Support here. We will update into our system. Should the camera be sent it to us for repair, we will inform the police for further action.

GST Related

  • Is CMM registered for GST ?
  • Status of GST registration
  • GST Registration Number
  • GST registration date
    9th July 2014
  • Will CMM charge GST on all products ?
    Yes (at 0% standard rate per Govt)
  • GST rate start?
    1 June 2018 (as per Govt)