Sadly, there are times when you feel compelled to learn more about a subject in some way, despite not being an expert in it. Security measures are no different. Particularly if you utilize a simple or independent GSM alarm system, which the majority of security companies would not install or maintain given the objective lack of interest. There are, however, some circumstances in which you will still need to “prick in the iron,” even if you are assisted by the 24-hour security control panel. We will discuss the causes of such an occurrence in more detail, as well as how to reset a security alarm that is not functioning. 

Why may it be important to comprehend this problem?

You have no one to rely on in the event of an autonomous alarm or GSM system that is not connected for remote control monitoring. Why not use private specialists while obtaining services online. Given how much such a system typically costs, it will be less expensive to simply buy a new one and replace the damaged one. The customary desire to comprehend the mechanism’s workings and better regulate its performance.

When a remote security alarm goes off:

The security technician won’t be able to reach you for some reason, or their arrival time won’t be convenient for you. In villages and other isolated places, when the arrival of a technician to inspect the alarm can be anticipated for weeks, the issue is particularly prevalent;

The problem is not difficult. For instance, changing a dead battery (with the permission of the organization that protects you).

I’d like to call your attention to a provision in the security agreement that expressly forbids the client from maintaining the system on his own or hiring outside help to do so. Because a non-specialist can breach the equipment’s correctness, violations are punished by the elimination of the performer’s material responsibility in cases of robbery. Or the contract will be completely terminated as a result of such arbitrary intervention. Therefore, you use any manipulations at your own risk and peril.

Does not operate! So what do I do?

You must first identify precisely what went wrong. Here, here, and here are descriptions of some of the alternatives. 

Examine the keyboard. Observing the keyboard alone reveals the following problem areas: LEDs that flash yellow or red make it clear what the issue is. Was the alarm system available as a mobile app? Make sure to look it over! The likelihood is high that there will also be the root of the issue.

Based on our experience, we can generally identify three main causes for the security device to operate incorrectly or to stop working altogether: 

  • The backup battery failed, yet the network’s main power source is insufficient or non-existent; 
  • SIM card malfunction; 
  • On the device’s PCB, there are signs of burns and damage. There is a blown fuse.
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