Pickpockets and other parasites become more active when the temperature rises. If you can use chemicals to defend oneself from pests like insects, then different strategies are needed to protect against burglars.

Avoid glistening with cash

A pickpocket needs a victim with a large amount of cash in his wallet since there is a significant likelihood that they will be apprehended, and thieves won’t take that chance for a small amount. Most frequently, burglars pick a victim close to the counters and cash registers of establishments. After all, there is a chance to check the wallet and determine whether the money is worthwhile given the risk. Even from the merchant, keep your distance when pulling cash out of your wallet or bag because he can assist criminals.

Don’t carry cash around in your pockets

Even a novice can easily approach from behind and remove a wallet from a back pocket, for instance when boarding a public transportation or in any crowded area. In a hurry, it’s also simple to remove money from your breast pocket. 

Disperse the funds

You should always have cash on hand so that you can easily pay for modest expenses like coffee or travel. The prey is too little for a thief to steal, even if he is aware of it. Don’t touch the primary stock.

Don’t carry a lot of money with you

They should be placed inside a jacket or jacket pocket, but only if the pocket shuts. The bills are in denominational order. Stack little cash on top of huge bills. Put the wad of cash in your pocket after folding it in half. You won’t need to take your hands out of your pockets to compute the necessary amount. Don’t keep checking to see if the money is still there.

According to a common misconception, in order to prevent theft in a crowded area, you should keep your hands close to the location where money is placed. However, by doing this, you facilitate theft. Sleight of hand follows, but there is no fraud.

Make a card payment

Pickpockets prefer to stay away from plastic cards since they can be immediately prevented and tracked.

Counsel is advice, and the most priceless information shouldn’t be jeopardized. Be on the lookout, manage your property, and leave the perfect crimes to the movies.

You should adhere to these straightforward precautions to avoid being a pickpocket victim:

  • be cautious, adhere to fundamental safety precautions, and take all necessary steps to protect your own property;
  • The majority of thefts occur when people board the vehicle, therefore be aware of your pockets;
  • Keep your bag (shoulder bag) in front of you, make sure it’s closed, and keep it within sight when riding a crowded public transportation;
  • In particular, when wearing warm clothing in the winter, you shouldn’t put wallets or cell phones in the exterior pockets of bags or outer outerwear;
  • pay great attention to anyone attempting to approach you from behind, the side, or the person standing next to you;
  • as a rule, a thief always has something in his hand: whether it’s a jacket hanging on his arm or a newspaper: he needs these things to cover the hand with which he will commit the crime;
  • you should not always carry large sums of money with you – take as much as you plan to spend;
  • don’t count money in front of people.

If you notice a pickpocket, do not be indifferent, remember the signs of the intruder and draw attention to it. If the pickpocket has already committed a theft, it is necessary to report it to the hotline.

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