Drivers must employ a range of strategies to keep their vehicles safe from theft because the loss of an automobile is not a cheap one.

First and foremost, it should be remembered that domestic cars are frequently stolen for their spare parts. As a result, when choosing a car protection option, pay attention to the methods that will alert you of contact with the car. This is because it might not actually be stolen, but rather simply be used to steal the required spare parts while it is parked in a deserted area. Foreign car parts are frequently stolen to be sold, but they are not shielded from intrusion.

The likelihood of an automobile being stolen is not significantly influenced by its age, unless of course it is a special model. Models from the 1990s or the early 2000s are stolen most frequently, according to statistics. Particularly popular are its replacement parts. The least likely to be stolen are vehicles that stand out from the crowd, such as rare models and brands, as well as vehicles painted in striking hues. Such vehicles are simple for law enforcement to identify in traffic, making it simpler to prevent theft. To make it simpler for you to select the best choice, we have researched the most popular car protection alternatives.

Locks that provide greater security

When thieves utilize lock picks, they will assist. They are additional door pins. Similar technology is already in foreign vehicles, thus it is a possibility for domestic vehicles. If the car is broken into through a shattered window, they won’t assist.

Blockers, external mechanical

Special metal brakes and levers that prevent the car from moving. They can be found between the gear shift lever, brake, and gas pedals, or the steering wheel and the steering column. They take ten minutes to remove, but if you don’t have a second car alarm, you won’t learn about the break-in unless you are very close to the vehicle.

Built-in deterrents

Additional mechanical locks that restrict access to the control and engine modules.  They can be found on the steering wheel, hood, or control units like the gearbox.  Without a key, you won’t be able to get rid of them quickly, but they can steal the automobile and tow it away. 

System for recording video

observes what goes on inside and outside the car. The camera’s video signal is either stored on a flash drive or broadcast to the owner’s phone through an IP address. It will make it easier to spot criminals, but it won’t prevent infiltration. 

Theft protection

The cost of the car is covered in the event of theft. In this instance, the insurance provider is informed, and a statement is written to the police. When the police give a document stating that the stolen car has not been recovered (approximately a month later), the cost of the vehicle is paid. The keys and the car’s original paperwork must be shown to get reimbursement, and they will be taken away once the insurance has been paid. If it doesn’t safeguard the automobile, at least makes up for the loss.


The device prevents fuel and electrical circuits from functioning, making it impossible to start the car. Immobilizers are made up of two parts: one is installed in the car, and the other is in the home of the owner. When both components are close to one another, the machine operates. The owner won’t be able to use the vehicle until the second portion is totally taken out, thus the thief won’t be able to start the vehicle either.

A GSM signal

The alarm system sends a message to the security control panel or sends an SMS notification to the owner in the event of external factors (such as a break-in attempt or the removal of a car’s wheels). The position of the car can be determined even after it has been stolen because it is tracked from a distance. The GSM alarm function is repeated by an autonomous security alarm system, but because it has its own power source, the alert will still sound even if the car battery is dead.

Devices that use conversation code

They feature strong anti-scanning defences, which reduces the likelihood that someone will choose a code to unlock the car.

Analyse the circumstances in which you leave your car most frequently and the locations where you leave it overnight to make the best protection decisions for it. For our part, we can declare that autonomous GSM alarming is the best choice. None of the aforementioned measures can completely safeguard the automobile physically from theft, but a GSM alarm allows you to:

An abduction attempt will be reported to you, you will be able to track the car’s whereabouts, and C, the security firm that offers this service, will offer you rapid assistance. Remember that even if your “iron horse” is not listed, you still cannot let up because thieves are not restricted to the top 10 and will target an unprotected vehicle from a different manufacturer.

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