During firefighting, disaster relief, maintenance work, construction work, and technology labour in numerous industries, head injuries are a prevalent sort of human hazard. To reduce the chance of harm, impairment, or even death, each individual is provided with a head protection device.

Head protection classification

Individual head protection equipment is a component of the gear used by rescue workers and other employees of businesses. Its purpose is to provide protection while working, avoid or lessen the effects of injuries and hazardous working circumstances, and to ensure a comfortable working environment. Insects, flying things, hot objects, sparks, hot objects, dust on the skin and hair, shocks from sharp corners, and other immovable objects must all be protected from them.

  • Protective hats, berets, scarves, hair nets, and mosquito nets;
  • helmets and helmet pads;
  • and caps, and caps.

A helmet is a sturdy material that protects the head. It is composed structurally of a belt, an internal connection for the head, and an external protective casing. Depending on the size and equipment, the product’s weight can range between 400 and 450 grams. Some variants might come with unique clips for connecting a respirator, noise-canceling headphones, shields, and eyewear.

There are many different models available, and they may all be grouped together based on two key factors: usage class and colour. The different uses for helmets affect how protective they are.

Class A — provides a sort of universal protection against mechanical injuries that guarantees worker safety. This category includes the majority of construction helmet models. 

Class B — guards against low-impact mechanical harm to the head, as well as electric shock to the user.

Light models in Class C that can withstand impacts from walls and other hard things.

The manufacturing businesses categorized helmets to make it easier to select one for a particular application. The most popular helmet models on the market are made in the colours yellow and orange for the construction industry. They are used most frequently by service and labour professionals. Hard helmets of the colour brown are used in the mining industry and were designed with technological elements in mind. The red hard hat is used by engineering and technical staff, including foremen, foremen, engineers, chief mechanics, and power engineers, whereas the white hard hat is worn by enterprise managers and those who can only occasionally be in the danger zone. Blue helmets, which are designated for rescue teams, are in a different category.

A cap is a protective device that is intended to shield the top of the head from mechanical wounds caused by slamming against immovable objects that are hard. Additionally, caps can have good fire resistance, electrical insulating qualities, and shock energy absorption properties at low temperatures. They are utilized most frequently when working in small spaces. 

Helmets composed of composite materials that protect the entire head are referred to as protective helmets. Helmets can be of the open variety and come with facial protection in the shape of a transparent visor. They are used by rescuers to undertake construction and sandblasting tasks, to protect against falling heavy objects, fire, heat, light radiation, and other dangerous conditions, and can have viewing windows with or without blackout.

The hair and scalp are protected from insect bites, mild mechanical injury, filth and dust, as well as low and high temperatures, using caps, berets, scarves, hair nets, and mosquito nets. Additionally, they shield hair during technological operations from getting into moving parts of machinery, mixes, chemicals, and solutions in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and medical sectors.

Where are head protective personal equipment used?

In many areas of industry and agriculture, methods of head protection are used. They are most sought after for: firefighters, rescuers, engineers, workers in the industrial and processing sectors, workers in the construction and repair industries.

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